deepthroat-queen Hey, I’m a girl who absolutely loves to face fuck. I’m so pleased you have visited my website all about deepthroat. So far I have been busy posting the best throat fuck porn I can find and the good news is that’s going to continue! But I’m also going to be posting some useful information on the art of deepthroat, guides, positions etc.

Currently you can find a lot of picture galleries and videos from my favorite websites. However I’m going to start posting stuff on how to deepthroat, what positions you can try and how you can learn at home. I really want to break this taboo that exist with women and face fucking. I absolutely love this sexual kink and I want to share it with you all!

What is face fucking?

face-fucking-picFace fucking is a type of fellatio also known as throat fucking, skull fucking, mouth fucking and of course deepthroat. It is a type of sexual intercourse that is performed by actively thrusting the penis into a partner’s mouth and throat.

The act is quite difficult for most people to perform because of the natural gag reflex that everyone has. However with training this can be overcome and I will show you how in another article soon!

Why do I do this?

I’m a female and that might be quite surprising to you, since throat fucking is considered in general quite degenerating for a woman. I would like to break this taboo and help you enjoy it in your normal life. I find it’s something you can do in your own sexual life as I do myself and I’m sure you can do as well.

I love being face fucked!

I wrote and collected to some information that might help you to enjoy it.


10-05-03/18Face fuck goes back a long way in time. Even during the Roman Empire they were performing such an act. They called it “irrumatio” back then. There are even some frescos showing it :-) (I’ll try to find some and post them here).

Catullus, a Roman writer has already written about the act. So let’s make it clear it’s not just a present day kink at all, it’s a sexual activity that people have been doing for centuries. On my website you will soon find a good guide to start deepthroating, handy tips, experiences, reviews of throat fuck websites.

I hope you will enjoy your stay. If you have any contributions or comments, please leave the comments in the posts or use the contact form to contact me direct. Hope to hear from you soon :)

X Kim