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Since 2004 this site formly known as Facial Abuse has been serving up the most brutal cock gagging blowjobs with both porn stars and amateur sluts. These girls are pushed to their absolute limits. The site mainly features white models but there are Asian & Arabic models too.

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Intense Face Fucking & Double Penetration For Dirty Slut Alora Jaymes

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Another pool scene, Alora Jaymes is ready to make some serious mess as Pauly & Bootleg impale her face with their huge big cocks. This is really a great scene, Bootleg really is on top form and really delivers that intensity that has made him a fan favorite. She gags and she chokes, there is slop all over the place.

All her holes are slammed for this update too; one cock stuffed in her mouth while the other is plunged deep in her asshole. There is a lot of moaning and wailing as she gets double penetrated deep in her holes. They then both unload their balls all over her face leaving her a dripping mess. Don’t miss this awesome update at FaceFucking.com.

Pool Pig Lexi Jaxson In Extreme Face Fuck Puke Video

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Back already this is Lexi Jaxson the blonde slut who made a messy impression in her first update. Now this cock sucking whore is put in a paddling pool so things can get even messier than before! This scene is all about messy face fucking so fans of girls barfing up the contents of their stomach are going to absolutely love this one.

So from the beginning she pukes by sticking her fingers down her throat then Pauly comes on to empty her guts even further with his big hard 10 inch cock. Great throat fucking from every angle, things certainly got very nasty. The bar was certainly raised again, you can see both of her videos at FaceFucking.com.

Blonde Stripper Lexi Jaxson Brutally & Deeply Skull Fucked

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Meet stripper Lexi Jaxson a blonde slut with very little porn experience. The petite 24 year was the perfect fuck doll for Pauly’s oversized man meat. Slapped across her face this bitch soon has her spirit broken as the huge hard cock is slammed into her face. Great hardcore action she chokes and gags hard with her own slop pouring all over her face.

Angles and positions are changed she really gets her gullet pounded out as you can see from this fantastic video. Her skull is just a fuck toy to be used and abused. She moans a lot as her pussy is ripped up real good and her face is then coated with ball juice. Hot new scene that can only be found at FaceFucking.com.

Jazmine Jayyde Gets Her Throat Brutally Shredded With Hard Cock

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This is an all too common tale at FaceFucking.com. Jazmine Jayyde is 5 days late with her rent money and for her this is the only way out. Hardcore throat fucking to pay the bills. Of course you know this is not the fake shit that you find on other websites, this is the real deal and she has to work for that pay check.

So submissive this slut takes the big hard dick deep in her face over and over again. Just look how intense the action is when she is laid out soon her back and skull fucked down to the hilt. The guy’s balls are bouncing off her nose with every stroke. Check out the pictures and videos and see for yourself what went down!

Nineteen Year Old Girl Andie Adore Gags On A Hard Ten Inch Cock

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Andie Adore is just nineteen years of age and she is new to shooting porn movies. As you can imagine she has never done anything like this before, let alone on film! Pauly Harker soon has this teenage slut impaled on his huge hard cock. The camera is right up in her face as she chokes and gags on his meaty member.

All the way down to the ball sac she chokes and splutters on his erect tool. She is submissive throughout, her throat is absolutely destroyed. Just look at all the slop pouring of her mouth as the relentless skull fucking continues. Her tight teen cunt is then split open before she gets a huge load all over her face. FaceFucking.com has the full video if you want more!

Busty Amateur Slut Gobbles Down A Big Cock & Gets Treated Like Shit

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Here is Lil Red and it seems all she has going for her is her big tits. Surprisingly her Father actively encouraged her to do this scene which is absolutely crazy. She is up against Pauly who shows no mercy to newbies and to be fair she handles his big dick surprisingly well considering she has never done anything like this before.

On her back the pummeling continues and she pukes her guts up all over the floor. Things get messier and messier the more the scene progresses. This 20 year old then gets her cunt pounded hard and her face sprayed with a wad of creamy jizz. You can see the full update at the Face Fucking right now!

Amor Hilton Does Extreme Deep Throat Threesome Video

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Blonde babe Amor Hilton is new to porn; the 23 year old is looking to prove her credentials by doing the roughest oral sex site on the planet. Like a lamb to the slaughter she is flanked by two guys who take it in turns to see who can go the deepest on her throat hole. This is not for the faint of heart as she gags and chokes, bringing up saliva and throat juice all over the place.

Tears are streaming down her cheeks as the action only intensifies. She is skull fucked from every angle and every position in the deepthroat textbook! A great spit roasting session, her tight pink pussy ripped up deep and hard before she is soaked in man jizz! Don’t miss this hot new update at FaceFucking.com now!

Submissive & Nasty Little Girl Mindy Deep Is Back For Round Two

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Mindy Deep is back for round 2, her name should be changed to deeper because that sums up this episode in a nutshell! She really has been working on taking a thick long shaft to the back of her gullet. She gets well and truly deep throated; this is the very definition of the word. She alternates between Pauly’s big dick and the huge dildo on set.

Just look at balls bouncing off her chin as she takes his large schlong. Collared like a dog and blindfolded, she gets slapped across the face and generally abused. She cries every time those slaps are laid down; what a nasty submissive little girl she is. You can see her first update here and both full updates at the excellent FaceFucking.com.

First Timer Charlotte O’Ryan In Hardcore Face Fuck Threesome

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First timer Charlotte O’Ryan is new to porn, but clearly this industry is not for her. She cries a lot in this scene but she is great at swallowing cocks. Charlotte has a hot tight body and is soon down on the floor servicing these big meaty tools. It’s the full onslaught for her as they slam her face deep and hard non-stop.

All the usual positions and angles are deployed here. In fact this is her first threesome ever, so spit roasting is new to her. A cock lodged in her throat and another lodged deep in her pussy. You can see she is uncomfortable and the tears continue to flow. Her miserable face is then coated in two wads of hot cum. See the full update now at FaceFucking.com!

New Girl Brittany Shae is Skull Fucked With Two Large Meaty Dicks

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Cute girl Brittany Shae is new to porn, she lacks the experience but she is very enthusiastic. She thought she could handle this scene but she cracked pretty early on. It’s no surprise really as Pauly & Gio work their magic shoving their big hard tools right down the back of her gullet. She gets very emotional, there are plenty of tears but the show must go on.

She is thrown upside down onto her back so they can fuck her face like a pussy. She is taking it deeper and deeper with every stroke until she pukes up on her own face. Attention turns to her pussy where she is spit roasted, fucked in her pussy and deep in her skull. A double facial finishes things off all over her miserable face. Visit FaceFucking.com for more!

Mindy Deep Is Face Fucked & Humiliated

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Can Mindy Deep live up to her name? Well yes she can, this blonde slut newbie goes balls deep straight off the bat. Pauly Harker penetrates her mouth and throat furiously making her choke hard. Her makeup pours down her cheeks with the intensity, drool pours out of her mouth and snot flies out of her nose.

In-between the aggressive face fucks her pussy is drilled and she yelps like a dog. Some slaps to the face she is severely degraded and totally humiliated. After ripping up her throat and pussy she takes a big wad of jizz all over her waiting face and the puke bowl placed on her head. Great scene, check it out at FaceFucking.com.

Hot Busty Teen Tiffany Wells Overwhelmed In Rough Deep Throat Video

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Big tits teen Tiffany Wells is only eighteen years of age; this is her first porno and likely to be her last after this ordeal. She needs extra cash for college and the only way this slut knows how to make extra cash is by swallowing down big hard dicks! This teenager has a great tight body, big boobs and a pretty face.

She is totally degraded and humiliated by Pauly & Gio. They go hard at it on her throat; she is gagging & choking violently. From each new face fuck position she becomes more and more emotional. Soon there is puke flying out of her mouth and then it’s onto ripping up that pussy. This is a really great scene I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. As always you can see the full uncut video at FaceFucking.com.

Hot Girl Gia Paige Does Her First Ever Skull Fucking Video

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This is the video for cute girl Gia Paige’s first update. I had already posted up the pictures which you can check out here and her second update can be found here. She has absolutely zero experience when it comes to porno, only some nude modeling! So to be gagged out by two large meaty cocks is something to behold.

These guys are certainly not going easy on her as they rip into her gullet with venom. Watch the video and see her taking those dicks all the way to the balls. Spit roasted she gets nailed from either end, what a great scene. Her miserable face is then plastered with wads of cum. Check out more great scenes like this at FaceFucking.com.

Alora Jaymes Classic Throat Fuck & Anal Sex Video With Bootleg

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This is an update from a while back, featuring Alora Jaymes; I never got around to posting the video so here it is now. Bootleg is on top form as usual he knows how to make these bitches gag hard and that’s exactly what happens here. Grabbing her head he penetrates her down to the balls over and over again.

Lots of slop is pouring out of her gullet, she rubs all the slop all over her big tits. As usual she is put through all the face fuck positions. Then its anal sex time; its ass sex all the way from start to finish no vaginal. Finally a big load is sprayed all over this bitch’s face leaving her cum covered. Check out FaceFucking.com for more!

Messy Face Fuck Puke Video With Mature Whore Sky Haven

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Sky Haven is a nasty mature slut who got into the porn business late. She is willing to do just about anything so if you have a weak stomach maybe you shouldn’t watch this video. Down on her knees she services two hard cocks in her mouth and in her throat. Lots of mess, there is saliva, spit and puke pouring out of her mouth.

She gargles and swallows her own barf for your viewing pleasure. Things move onto the couch and she gets nailed in her gullet. Puke flies everywhere, what a nasty bitch she is. Of course all her holes are penetrated, some great anal and double penetration close the scene before the mandatory cum facial. Check out this latest update at FaceFucking.com now!