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Here you will find tons of pictures and videos from the most extreme deepthroat porn site on the planet FaceFucking.com. This is all about balls deep skull fucking just the way you like it!

Since 2004 this site formly known as Facial Abuse has been serving up the most brutal cock gagging blowjobs with both porn stars and amateur sluts. These girls are pushed to their absolute limits. The site mainly features white models but there are Asian & Arabic models too.

Please check out my in-depth site review here for everything you need to know. Remember to check back every week for the latest updates right here…

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Here is the hardcore deepthroat video for the very cute and sexy Filipina slut Leilani Vega. This petite Asian babe was a real hit when I posted up her picture gallery here before. So here she is again chugging down a big hard cock all the way down to the hilt. Just look at those balls bouncing off her chin. Her pretty lips wrapped around the shaft.

Her throat is absolutely dominated here she is given plenty of hard slaps to the face and is spat on. She ends up barfing on the dick too; things start to get real messy for her. Great oral sex and some great pussy fucking with this super-hot Asian babe, check her out at FacialAbuse.com now!

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Lilly Ligotage is into BDSM; in fact Ligotage is French for bondage! This is a very intense scene; she is getting the full on rough treatment with lots of hard slaps and throat punishment. Pauly and Gio are on hand to dish out the aggression, these boys are on fire today. Her throat is absolutely torn apart by their big dicks, they pummel her so hard.

As you can see from the pictures, things get really nasty. After the shocking brutal face fucking comes the anal sex and double penetration. Her face is then dumped on with two big loads of jizz. This update really has everything; you don’t want to miss this one. Check out FacialAbuse.com for the full video now!

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Cali Rider is a brunette whore who gets flanked by two big hard dicks for some extreme throat fucking. Bootleg and Big Red take it in turns to slam this bitch’s throat. Sliding it right in there and making her choke hard. She struggles to breathe as they stuff her skull over and over again, she is gagging hard!

Gasping for breath she is flipped on her back and slammed hard, they are tearing this girl’s throat apart. She seems to be having regrets as the tonsil bashing continues, her mouth used like a worthless sex toy. Her face is then plastered with 3 loads of cum leaving her dripping with jizz. Check out this classic episode from the brilliant FacialAbuse.com.

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Dirty cock sucking pornstar Laela Pryce is one filthy whore, she only cares about one thing and that’s getting her throat penetrated. This is a phenomenal scene, some great balls deep action, just have a look at the pictures to see how deep she gets it. Of course such deep hard face fucking isn’t without its consequences and she ends up barfing.

She struggles to catch her breath as Pauly uses her mouth and throat for his pleasure. Slamming away using her throat like a sloppy wet pussy. Great dick eating, you are going to absolutely love this update. This little fuck slave also gets it in the butt, her tight ass ripped up real good. Check out this very latest update at FacialAbuse.com now!

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Here is the video to the Lyla Kennedy round 2 update, I already posted up the picture gallery earlier. The 20 year old is stepping things up for her second appearance, the face fucking is that much more intense and she does anal this time. On her knees like a submissive little slut, Pauly pounds out her tight throat going all the way to the balls.

As per usual all the positions are applied, from every angle she is getting her tonsils bashed. After the brutal throatjob her butt is ripped up nice and deep. All that is left to do is spray her face with a load of sticky creamy jizz. Visit FacialAbuse right now for the most brutal face fuck blowjobs imaginable!!!

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Leilani Vega is a hot new Filipina model and she is here to do her most extreme porn scene yet. Dressed as a schoolgirl and wearing thigh high dominatrix boots she is soon butt naked, on her knees sucking cock. Pauly wastes no time in slamming his big dick down the back of her throat right down to the balls.

This little Asian slut sure can take it, just look at the pic where she is throat fucked on her back. Those eyes are popping out of her sockets before she pukes up the contents of her stomach. Great deepthroat action, Leilani is pushed to her limits with lots of slapping and spitting. Her tight Asian pussy is then ripped up before taking a big load all over her cute face. Get the full update at FacialAbuse.com now!

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Lyla Kennedy is back and things get even more brutal than before. She must have been practicing her deepthroat skills because she is taking Pauly’s 10 inch cock even deeper than before. This baby faced 20 year old slut is down on her knees taking slaps to the face and then taking it balls deep in her tight little throat.

Yes things are really stepped up this time; she is really getting her skull fucked. On her back she is taking that dick right down to the hilt. The guy’s balls squashing her nose as her tonsils get bashed. She does anal for this scene too; her tight butt is ripped up real good. You can see her first update here. Visit Facial Abuse and download all their awesome videos!

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More teen action, this time we have the video for 19 year old Misty Lee. This girl has never done porn before but she sure can deepthroat, she takes Pauly’s 10 inch dick right to the hilt and lets it sit there like it is nothing. Her hot mouth makes the perfect fuck toy to be used and abused as they see fit.

Flipped upside down she is laid out on the couch and really skull fucked deep and hard. Just look at the way the big cock penetrates her mouth and throat going all the way to the balls. Awesome throatjob scene for sure, her face is then soaked in plenty of creamy jizz. Check out Facial Abuse for more or see the picture gallery here.

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This is 20 year old amateur slut Holly North, she is starring in her first ever porno. She admits beforehand that’s she is very submissive and she likes being strangled! Well she certainly came to the right place because Pauly was wasting no time in abusing this bitch’s throat. He shoves his erect penis into her mouth and right down her gullet.

She is so subservient, she loves being controlled and that big dick is sliding in balls deep with no problems. She is perfect for a brutal throatjob, her face fucked like a sloppy wet pussy. She barfs a little bit when getting penetrated on her front; all in all she does well. Great cum facial wrap things up for this latest scene from Facial Abuse.

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Dirty little teen whore Misty Lee is shooting porn to pay her bills. She admits that she is a worthless slut that her throat is only here to be used and abused by men. Her eyes are bloodshot, drool pouring from her mouth; she looks into the camera and talks dirty. Then it’s back on the cock and she takes it right down to the hilt.

This 19 year old is dynamite, she really loves being submissive, she loves getting her throat fucked. On her back she gets pounded out deep and hard, her mouth used liked a sloppy wet pussy. This is awesome teen face fucking. Her cunt is then slammed hard before she takes a big load on her face. Check out FacialAbuse.com for the full update!

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This is amateur giantess slut Indigo Lotus; she is very tall in fact she is 6 foot 1 inches tall. She admits she is desperate for cash; that’s why she is doing hardcore porn. She wasn’t ready for Pauly Harker’s big dick though, it was violently thrust down her long throat straight off the bat. After her throat is pumped a few times she starts crying.

Slapping her across the face just made things worse, she really gets emotional. These guys don’t have time for that and continue to fuck her head. She is put for the ringer for sure; this is one experience she will never ever forget. You can the full update right now at FacialAbuse.com, enjoy the picture gallery!

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This is Molly Smash; she turned 18 literally 3 days before doing this brutal porn shoot. This slut obviously has some issues; she is absolutely covered in tattoos and piercing. These guys were not going to go easy on her just because she is so young. Bootleg shows no mercy straight away as he jams his cock deep inside her throat.

She holds up the puke bowl to catch all her barf, this is really brutal stuff. Total humiliation and total degradation this teen gets destroyed. From every angle and every position things go from bad to worse. Her eyes are bloodshot and there is puke all over the place. This is certainly not one to be missed, check out FacialAbuse.com for more! You can see the picture gallery here.

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Charlie Stevens was taught how to throat fuck in this scene. This amateur slut was shown the correct way to take a dick right down to the balls. Her throat was well and truly stuffed after some valuable lessons. Lots of slaps to the face, she was shown the correct way to get her face fucked. They even bring out Barney the double ended dildo to train her up.

She gets better and better with each stroke. Snot drools out of her nose and she goes down to the hilt on Pauly’s 10 incher. This is a great update, she taught how to throatjob properly. Her pussy is then ripped up and her face covered in ball juice. Check out FacialAbuse.com for more!

Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!
Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!
Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!
Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!
Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!Egyptian Whore Stella Bella Throat Fucked So Hard She Cries!

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This is Egyptian whore Stella Bella, a fresh new pornstar trying to make it big. This scene is super charged with emotion, there is lots of crying as Pauly slams his big cock down her throat. She looks an absolute mess, her makeup is dripping down her cheeks and there is vomit coming out of her mouth, but there is no let up.

She tells a sad tale of how her mother was a whore and her daddy left her. That’s why she is at Facial Abuse chugging down dick. She does a great job in this update; she doesn’t quit and makes it through to the end to get her face soaked in plenty of cum. This is a really good one guys enjoy the pictures :)

Facial Abuse – Shocking Deepthroat Porn

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My Rating: 94
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FacialAbuse.com is widely regarded as the most extreme face fucking and cum facial hardcore website on the internet. They shoot both fresh faced amateur girls and the more well-known porn stars.

The content is shot in an amateur style and the member’s area is updated once a week with an exclusive full HD video and picture set. The content is very extreme, if you like you like brutal deepthroat then you must check out this awesome website!

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Price Options Pictures
– $1 / 1 day trial
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– Picture Sets: 371+
– Average Pictures Per Set: 400
– Zipped Sets: No
– High-Res Pictures: Yes
VideosVideo Fomats
– Video Scenes: 382+
– Average Scene Length: 35 mins
– Full Length Videos: Yes
– DRM Protection: No
– Streaming Support: Yes

– WMV HD (1920×1080 – 5000k)
– MP4 HD (1280×720 – 2000k)
– MP4 SD (1280×480 – 3000k)
– Mobile Devices (640×480 – 1500k)

The Good The Bad
– EXTREME Face Fuck Action
– Exclusive and Original Content
– Huge Archive of Updates
– Updates Every Week
– Bonus Sites
– No Zipped Photo Sets



If you love extreme hardcore gagging deepthroat then you will find tons to enjoy at FacialAbuse.com. Launched back in 2004 the focus has been on extreme deepthroat blowjobs, it’s all about pushing these girls to their limits and leaving their faces dripping with cum. All the content is exclusive being shot in-house; there is a huge archive of over 382 update which is currently being updated once a week. Facial Abuse is an absolute must visit for the seasoned deepthroat blowjob connoisseur.

Facial Abuse is certainly the best place to watch amateur girls getting brutally throat fucked. The guys behind FacialAbuse are based in New York and it is shot in their own unique style. Each scene will start with an interview, which consists of the cameraman/director verbally abusing the model before moving onto the hardcore action.

The action is very brutal deepthroat; this is no messing about, this is balls to the hilt throat fucking. All the male pornstars involved have big cocks of at least 9 inches and they are super rough. Normally these girls will end up puking, crying or calling time-out. Sometimes there are scenes with 3somes so you get to see two big dicks penetrating one girl’s throat.

Things can move onto other things such as anal sex, double penetration, puking in a bowl, depending on what the model signed up for, but they all end with a messy facial cumshot. The emphasis is definitely on humiliating and degrading these girls as much as possible!

Videos and Pictures
Inside the member’s area you will find well over 382+ updates which consist of mainly white models but there are also Asian, Indian and Arabic girls as well. Unfortunately the scenes are not categorised into niches such as 3somes, anal or double penetration. The scenes are however ordered by date and there is also a search function which is useful.

The photosets inside Facial Abuse are available in stunning high quality. Annoyingly though you cannot download them as zip files, so you have to save the photos individually. Hopefully they will change this in the near future, fortunately this doesn’t really distract from the overall experience.

Videos are available in a number of downloadable formats which include WMV HD 1080p, MP4 HD 720p and a standard definition 480p in MP4 format. All the MP4 formats will work on your mobile devices. With the much older updates there are no high definition options but they are all in MP4 format.

If you don’t feel like downloading then you can stream the videos in high definition. Besides updating once a week you get network access to Adult Doorway which gives you access to handful of other hardcore sites. These include niche categories like boobs, handjobs, facials, pantyhose and more, these should keep you busy in-between the updates.

No other site out there comes close to offering this unique and extreme content, it may be controversial stuff but fans of the genre love it. FacialAbuse.com has over 10 years’ worth of content for you to download and it is updating every week with a quality new video and picture set. If you like abusive gagging blowjobs then this really is the very best, check out the tour now and see for yourself.

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