Ghetto Gaggers

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Nicki B can’t get enough of the abusive treatment at Ghetto Gaggers. She is back again for a third update and this time things have been ramped up. Shot in a jail cell, she is dominated in the mouth and the ass; awesome ass to mouth face fucking, really nasty stuff. She goes from cock to cock, slapped across the face and the drilled anally.

What an great video, she is totally used abused. Spit roasted, with one cock deep in her butt and the other one slammed down her throat. All her holes are destroyed; some hardcore double penetration and then she gets her face coated in lots and lots of semen. Check out all three of her updates at

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You are about to go back in time to 2007, this is actually lost archive footage from Ghetto Gaggers. This is a never before seen video so enjoy! Two white cocks nail this black bitch Vanity; Big Red & Bootleg are on top form as they make this ebony whore gag for your viewing pleasure. Lots of saliva and drool old school style.

She is face fucked from every angle and every position, drilled in her tight gullet round down to the balls. Her butt is then ripped up anally; these nasty white boys take it in turns drilling her ass before spraying her face with multiple wads of jizz. You can see the full videos right now at the infamous

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A first timer who has never even stripped naked on camera before and she is doing this! Her name is Jazzi Lai and she is a great cock chugger, two nasty white boys are on hand to slam her gullet and make her choke. On her knees she submissively swallows the two big hard dicks before getting thrown on her back and face fucked.

Lots of very humiliating and degraded things happen to this black bitch. She is slapped with talcum powder and her own vomit is poured into her mouth. After the ruthless deepthroat comes the anal and double penetration, this slut is really pushed to her absolute limits. Finally they both jack off over her face leaving her dripping with semen. You have got to check this latest update out at

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Meet 20 year old Kay Love a pretty young black slut here to get her face stuffed with hard white meat. This girl is nasty; she is jumping from cock to cock with saliva and spit flying all over the place. Things just get messier and messier as she ends up puking up, right down to the ball sac she barfs.

These guys are really going to town on this slut, slamming her gullet from every angle and from every position. She is collared like a dog and then penetrated deep in her cunt. After some very hard fucking she takes a double wad of cum all over her face that leaves her dripping. Check out her full video at

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Things are about to get real tough for Tiffany Tailor, this skinny black bitch is overwhelmed by two nasty white boys. Slaps to the face set the pace here, then big hard white meat is shoved right into the back of her skull. There is lots of barf; she empties her stomach absolutely everywhere as the dicks continue to pound her out.

She is a pretty girl with a very tight lean body. Bent over she gets one cock deep in her pussy while the other one is shoved deep inside her face. She is spit roasted and fucked hard; she is totally exhausted by the end of it. All that is left to do is spray her face with wads of cum. Visit now to see more!

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Freshly turned 18 year old Jade Blaze is here with her crazy haircut. Just because she is so young and fresh doesn’t mean these nasty white boys are going to go easy on her. Although for someone who has just turned eighteen she has experience beyond her years. She swallows those dicks no problem all the way down to the hilt.

Humiliated and degraded she is put to work, her throat used and abused for your viewing pleasure. These guys have great fun using her skull to satisfy their meaty big cocks. All the positions and angles are used; they push her to the limit. More degrading sex and then they dump their loads all over her waiting face; enjoy the full video at

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Here we have Naomi Jhe’ne an ebony first timer who has never been face fucked before. She has never been in a threesome and she has never had a guy cum in her face. She is doing a lot of firsts for this video that’s for sure. Locked in a jail cell she is put to the test as two large white cocks are stuffed inside her tight throat.

Slaps to the face, spat on and generally abused her petite body is taking some serious punishment. She does a great job for a first timer taking those dicks all the way down to the ball sac. These nasty white boys really go to town. After having her pussy pummeled she gets her face soaked in cum! Visit for more action!

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Hot black babe Nicki B is back for more hardcore throat fucking action. Two nasty white boys Gio and Pauly Harker are on hand to really make this bitch gag. This is a very messy one, from the very start there is spit and saliva flying everywhere as those stiff white dicks are rammed inside her gullet aggressively.

Thrown on her back like a piece of meat these guys are ready to get serious. They both take it in turns to pound her mouth out like a sloppy wet pussy. She then shows us up top how she can take these cocks right down to the ball sac. Some great pussy penetration and a messy cum facial. You can see the first update for Nicki B here and you can visit for the full videos.

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Marie Chantilly is a girl who claims she loves rough sex in fact she has fantasies of being slapped around, used and abused. As soon as the action started however there was a lot of screaming, she was really freaking out. Those big hard white cocks where rammed right down the back of her throat hole repeatedly.

She takes it balls deep though, these guys pump fuck her mouth aggressively until she is wailing! This is an intense scene for sure; Gio is on top form as he drills this bitch’s throat. After being skulled fucked from every angle and position she taps out. All that is left to do is paste here face with wads of creamy jizz. See more at

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Up next is Reeka B, this ghetto hood rat is pretty good at taking big hard white dicks down her face. She has a curvy body, with big tits and a round booty. Pauly & Gio are not having any of her sassy ways; they are ruthless from the very start. Spits and slaps to the face put this black bitch in her face.

She opens wide and these nasty white boys do their work slamming her tight gullet. Lots of choking and gagging she is overwhelmed by the constant pummeling on her throat. Reeka continues to choke on dicks constantly before they lay a double cumshot all over her face. Visit to see lots more action like this!

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Big booty ho Cherise Roze is back again for an epic third scene. She has some bizarre blonde haircut going on but that ass is just as big as always. Two nasty white boys are here to rip up her throat; she is put to work straight away. Lots of gagging and lots of choking she is face fucked so hard she pukes.

Lots of interesting angles she is throat fucked from many positions; each time the action is hardcore and balls deep. She is even blindfolded at one point and strapped to a chair unable to use her arms as she is made to barf on hard cock. Her pussy is pummeled deep and hard, her fishnet stocking put over her head and then she takes two big wads of jizz. See all of her updates at

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Laina Love is an ebony slut with huge big natural boobs and a huge butt. She says she is willing to try anything once so this scene has everything. All her holes are stuffed starting with some intensive throat fucking. Two big white dicks are slammed down her throat repeatedly; there is a lot of noise and a lot of saliva dripping all over those large breasts.

She is put through every position and angle in the throatjob book. These nasty white boys are really on fire today. After they have finished with her throat they fuck her butt and pussy, there is some great double penetration action before she gets her face coated in two big loads of jizz. Visit for more!

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I can’t say I remember Blair’s first visit but this latest update more than makes up for it. A hot black girl with a big round booty she is pushed to her limits as soon as the camera starts rolling. If you are a fan of messy then you will love this, Gio and Pauly Harker did their upmost to empty the contents of her stomach.

Very intense, she is spat in the face, generally humiliated and degraded. Of course this is the finest ghetto gagging you will get anywhere and certainly round two was much more intense. She is spit roasted and then wads of cum splashed all over her face. As always you can see lots more at the brilliant

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Amazing to think that this is her first ever porn scene, she went in at the deep-end and handled it pretty well. A light skinned ghetto gagger; she is taking on two nasty white boys here and they are not messing about. Straight down to the hilt those dicks go in deep. On her knees she chokes and gags, juices flying out of her mouth.

Things move on, other positions and other angles she is really getting mistreated in this aggressive deepthroat session. Treated like a dog they pound out her throat and her tight little pussy. The climax is her taking two wads of creamy cum over her face. You can enjoy the picture gallery here and then check out for the full update.

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Very intense scene here for New York City’s premier hood rat London Blaq. Yes she is back again and things are taken up a notch or two. Pauly & Gio do a good job making this hot black slut gag, they take it in turns to rip into her mouth & throat, there is lots of throat slime pouring all over her face as she gets pounded out.

Take a look at those eyes they are totally bloodshot as the big dicks continue to pummel her tonsils. A very intensive scene she is really pushed to her limits. There is some double vaginal action before she takes a double cum load on her face. You can see the accompanying pictures to this update here and then check out for lots more action.