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Ever since this website formly known as Latina Abuse started in 2006 it has been filming the roughest Latina throat fuck porn possible. The site features mainly first timers but there are pornstars too. These submissive putas do stuff they wouldn’t even do with their own boyfriends! Their throats are totally dominated by the white cock!

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18 Year Old Latina Cara Sky Gets Her Throat Stuffed With Gringo Cock

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18 year old Cara Sky is here to try her hand at Latina Throats. She strips naked and reveals that curvy body and is soon on her knees attempting to swallow 10 inches of hard cock down her gullet. She is still learning it seems as she has a real problems taking it down to the hilt. When it is forced in there, her eyes roll back into her skull.

The look on her face says it all, she got more than she gambled for. From start to finish she is finding it really difficult to deepthroat such a large took. Watch the video and see for yourself. Her teenage pussy is then pumped hard and her face sprayed with cum afterwards.

Two Angry Cocks Stretch Out Kandy Reign’s Tiny Latina Throat

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Kandy Reign is a 21 year old Latina who is basically here to pay the bills. She is down on her luck and needs the money; but there are two obstacles in the way. That is Pauly Harker’s and Gio’s angry cocks. This is an intense scene to say the least, her tiny throat is stretched wide open to accommodate these large dicks.

The action is non-stop as they take it in turns to drill down deep inside her gullet their balls bouncing off her chin. Throat slime pours out of her mouth as the brutal oral sex continues. As you can see from the movie every position is deployed she really gets that skull fucked. You can see more putas getting brutally deepthroated by gringos at

Naïve 19 Year Old Latina Teen Nikki Shay Gets Dominated By Two Gringos

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We are in for a real treat with this awesome update from Latina Throats. Check out 19 year old puta Nikki Shay, she is here to experience the best that Pauly Harker and Gio have to throw at her. This naïve teen is overwhelmed from the start as she gets slapped across the face, spat on and of course brutally skull fucked to the hilt.

The throat stuffing is intense from the moment the camera starts rolling. She is spit roasted with one hard cock dominating her tight teenage pussy and the other one lodged in her even tighter throat. She stares deep into the camera as she is fucked hard from both ends. Totally destroyed by the end of the action she gets her face soaked in hot jizz.

Cheap Amateur Whore Barato Does Extreme Face Fuck For Cash

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Desperate for cash this cheap whore Barato from Tampa Florida is making her first porno. The 21 years old is looking to make a quick buck at Latina Throats because she has bills to pay! As you well know there are easier ways to make cash than this; she clearly has not thought this through! After a few hard slaps to the face and her throat getting stuffed with Pauly Harker and Gio’s big dicks she is starting to have second thoughts!

She gets it so deep and so hard, they make her cough, choke and gag violently. She begins barfing up as the onslaught continues at a fast pace. She is spit roasted and then her face is sprayed with two wads of creamy cum. Watch more of this Latin puta trying to make ends meet at

Cute Mexican Girl Leslie Sierra Does The Nastiest Throat Fuck Video

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Leslie Sierra is a cute Mexican slut that you may remember I posted the photo gallery up for back in December. Here is the hardcore video, watch Bootleg go all the way to the balls on this slut, she sure can deepthroat. That cock is notched right in the back of her throat. Great face fuck action I think you will have to agree.

She is generally degraded, slapped across the face and spat on, but it’s the depth of the throat fucking that’s impressive here. Bootleg even gets Leslie in a deepthroat headlock his legs wrapped around her neck. Then it’s on to her pussy which gets slammed hard from behind before she takes a huge load in her waiting face. Visit for more!

Latin Puta Hunter Paige Is Used & Abused In Her Throat & Ass

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You may remember 20 year old Hunter Paige, this Latin puta really wanted to become an up-and-coming porn star. I posted her photo gallery up back in December but never put up the video so here we go! Humiliation & abuse are the name of the game here; the scene starts off with her handcuffed to a trash can!

Next comes the action, Paul Harker goes straight in there penetrating her skull with his big hard erect cock. She is taken through every position and every angle until she pukes up on her own face. She is then spit roasted over the trashcan, before getting her ass gets ripped up. As always her face is sprayed with plenty of cum. Check out now for the full video!

Shocking Latina Deep Throat With Slut Whore Whitney Gunns

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This girl really is quite messed up; she is 26 years old and looking to make a name for herself in porn. Whitney Gunns cries her eyes out as soon as her throat gets fucked; she has a hard time keeping herself together throughout the scene. From the beginning big cocks and dildos are shoved down her gullet.

Slapped around, verbally abused and generally humiliated. All the deepthroat positions and angles are deployed. Afterwards she is drilled in her pussy and she reveals lots of bad stuff that happened to her over the years. There was no sympathy here however as these guys then proceeded to paste her face in wads of thick cum. Check out the full update at the awesome

Big Tits Latina Slut Miguelina Acosta In Shocking Deep Throat Video

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Up next is big tits Latin puta Miguelina Acosta here to make her next paycheck by swallowing big white cocks down to the balls. I have already posted up the photo gallery for this update which you can find here. So down on her knees she takes it in turns to gag on each guy’s dick until there is throat slime pouring all over her big breasts.

Things get more and more intense, on her back she pukes her guts up as they really fuck her throat. Just look at it explode out of her stomach, this is hardcore stuff. Total abuse and total degradation, she is spit roasted, one guy deep in her mouth the other deep in her pussy. Great scene, enjoy! Check out for lots more!

Selena Skye Gets All Her Holes Ripped Up In Extreme Porn Video

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Selena Skye is back for more abusive face fucking at Gio is here to slam her throat aggressively; he manages to notch his big dick right to the back of her gullet no problem. She really is incredible; she is able to take the huge dildo all the way to the hilt too, what a deepthroat puta Selena is!

After she has been taken through every position and her mouth penetrated from every angle it’s time to slam her pussy and ass. Yes she gets all her holes pounded out for this scene. Great anal sex she is a real champ. Things are finished off with a messy cum facial that leaves her dripping. You can see the photo gallery for this update here.

Puerto Rican Cock Sucking Whore Danira Love’s Throat Fuck Video

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Here we have the video update featuring Puerto Rican whore Danira Love. It’s a threesome, two angry cocks are ready to penetrate her mouth and fuck her throat. Slaps to the face and verbal abuse things get heavy right from the very beginning. These guys are super aggressive going straight down to the balls every time.

She handles the big dicks pretty well as she is penetrated from every angle and position. Total domination and humiliation this is just what Latina Throats is all about. They fuck her pussy hard before spraying her face with two big wads of cum. They even make her eat the semen with a spoon, enjoy this awesome video and check out the accompanying picture gallery here.

Latin Puta Amya Sweet Gags & Chokes On A Big White Cock

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Check out this extreme Latina deepthroat video featuring 22 year old petite cock sucker Amya Sweet. I posted the picture gallery update awhile back which you can find here. All holes were penetrated for this one; she is totally abused and degraded. It starts with some awesome tonsil bashing; Gio slams his big cock down her throat and deep inside.

She does well to take it all the way to the hilt, some really messy action as saliva pours all over her face and the makeup streams down her cheeks. As always all the positions and angles are used to really gag this puta out. Her pussy and her butt are then ripped up real good before she takes a big load all over her face. Visit for more.

Hot Big Tits Babe Lola Lozado Gets Her Mouth Fucked & Ass Penetrated

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Big tits Latin puta Lola Lozado is back for more throat abuse. I posted up the picture gallery a while back which you can find here, but here is the video update. The sexy Latina is soon down on her knees as Pauly Harker grabs her head and pounds out her face; those nice big boobs bounce up and down as he slams her throat.

Laid on her back she takes the dick in her mouth like a sloppy wet pussy. She does a great job from every angle. Next she does anal, this is the first time she has ever done anal sex, not just on camera but ever! Her face is then soaked in a big wad of creamy jizz. Check out more at

Dirty Mexican Puta Leslie Sierra Is Throat Fucked By Nasty White Boys

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Here is a flash from the past, meet 20 year old Mexican slut Leslie Sierra looking to make some extra cash by doing a porno. She needs the money to support her way through college. It wasn’t going to be easy ride though, Bootleg made sure of that, he slams his big dirty cock right down her tight Mexican throat.

There is lots of saliva and drool but she handles it well taking it all the way down to the hilt. Slaps to the face and rough gagging she is getting totally dominated. This puta sure is a champ; she takes both dicks no problem right down to the hilt. Her face then gets a double load of jizz. Check out for more!

Video Of Hot Latina Desiree Lopez Getting Her Throat Pounded & Cunt Ripped Up

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I have been getting a lot of requests for a video of sexy Latina slut Desiree Lopez so here we go with her second update. You can see the picture gallery for this one right here. Only 4’11” and with big DD tits she is back again to push her limits to the max. Two nasty gringos Tommy Pistol and Gio are pushing the pace.

They show no mercy as they slam this bitch in her gullet, their big meaty dicks going balls deep on every single stroke. There is lots of puke flying out of her belly as things intensify. Her tight cunt is then pummeled; great rough oral sex and some brilliant pussy fucking. Don’t miss this one guys check out the full scene at

Brutal Throat Fuck Party With Latin Slut Hunter Paige

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Here we go with wannanbe Latina pornstar Hunter Paige; she wants to be an up and coming adult star. She comes onto the set handcuffed to a big trash can; the guys come in and begin to fuck her face. Being unable to move her arms these guys take full advantage and really jam their big hard dicks down her gullet.

It’s a real party in her throat as she is skull fucked from every angle imaginable. Plenty of eye-popping and drool to make this bitch have second thoughts about doing this extreme video. After all that fun she has her butt ripped up deep and hard. She was screaming a lot as they take it in turns to penetrate that ass. The climax is this bitch taking two big loads all over her face. See the full update at!