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Hot petite Latina Desiree Lopez is only 4’11’’ tall. The spicy 22 year old amateur admits to being a dirty cock swallowing slut. Blonde hair and big fake tits she is soon on her knees chugging down Gio’s big hard dick. She is getting slapped across her face and then pummelled with the hard cock. She is a good little whore, taking it down to the ball sac with every stroke.

The face fucking is so deep that she empties her stomach into the bowl. She is humiliated and abused all the way through this scene which makes for some great deepthroat. Have a look at the photo gallery now and see how rough things get! Latina Abuse has now changed its name to Latina Throats, check it out!

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Here we are with round two of Layla Price; the 23 year old is a total slut who loves anal sex and of course gagging on a big dick. You can see her first update here. This time she is up against Gio and he is bringing his A game, he really slams her throat hard throughout the entire scene.

She barely catches her breath as the onslaught continues relentlessly. Her hands behind her back there is drool pouring out of her mouth and all over her tight naked body. Soon she is on her back and getting her throat penetrated down to the balls, just look at them squashed against her nose! Deep anal sex and a messy facial finish things off nicely. Check out for lots more!

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Here is Ela Darling, this 28 year old pornstar showing why she has just mastered the art of deep-throating. Her skills from years of cock sucking really come into their own here. On her knees the guy slams his cock deep into her mouth and throat going right down to the hilt. He continually penetrates her gullet leaving her gasping for breath.

Grabbing her head with both hands the intensity increases, by now there is mascara dripping down her cheeks and saliva pours from her mouth. She takes it from all angles and all positions before the guy cums in her mouth. If you are looking for horny hot pornstars getting their throats fucked deep and hard then visit

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The 20 year old blonde whore amateur is back for round 2 but this time Holly North is getting two cocks down her throat. Pushed to her whore limits Pauly Harker and Gio are taking it in turns to really attack this girl’s throat with aggression. On every stroke those meaty dicks are going in there balls deep for some awesome tonsil bashing.

Just when she has had enough of one dick the other is then thrust deep inside her gullet. This is a real tag team affair; this bitch is seeing stars by the end of it. She ends up barfing and then her ass is ripped up. A double facial finish off things nicely, she is left humiliated dripping with cum. You can see her first gallery here and then see the full movie at FacialAbuse.

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Meet sexy blonde 27 year old porn star Kagney Linn Karter. Here she is to showcase her deepthroat skills and make you cum. She strips naked out of some very skimpy red lingerie to show off her tight banging body. Enthusiastically she grabs the big hard cock and puts it in her sweet mouth, and then with no hands the guy fucks her face.

Intense and energetic there is no let-up in this scene. Just constant throat fucking action, she is put on her back and slammed in her throat, her mouth used like a pussy. He grabs her head and uses it to pleasure his big hard cock. The climax is her taking his big jizz load which wraps up this excellent scene. Check out for more pornstar deep throat action!

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Lilly Ligotage is into BDSM; in fact Ligotage is French for bondage! This is a very intense scene; she is getting the full on rough treatment with lots of hard slaps and throat punishment. Pauly and Gio are on hand to dish out the aggression, these boys are on fire today. Her throat is absolutely torn apart by their big dicks, they pummel her so hard.

As you can see from the pictures, things get really nasty. After the shocking brutal face fucking comes the anal sex and double penetration. Her face is then dumped on with two big loads of jizz. This update really has everything; you don’t want to miss this one. Check out for the full video now!

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Dirty cock sucking pornstar Laela Pryce is one filthy whore, she only cares about one thing and that’s getting her throat penetrated. This is a phenomenal scene, some great balls deep action, just have a look at the pictures to see how deep she gets it. Of course such deep hard face fucking isn’t without its consequences and she ends up barfing.

She struggles to catch her breath as Pauly uses her mouth and throat for his pleasure. Slamming away using her throat like a sloppy wet pussy. Great dick eating, you are going to absolutely love this update. This little fuck slave also gets it in the butt, her tight ass ripped up real good. Check out this very latest update at now!

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Here is the very sexy Dahliah Sky aka Bailey Blue. The 24 year old pornstar is super horny for some rock hard cock in her pretty mouth. She strips naked to show off that hot tight body and then gets on her knees to start sucking and blowing like only a pornstar can. It goes deep into her throat making her gag.

The guy thrusts his hard tool into her mouth over and over again. This is really hot stuff, she looks deep into the camera as she sucks away and then swallows the dick whole. When it comes to the top adult stars and hot deepthroat action then nobody does it better than

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More teen action, this time we have the video for 19 year old Misty Lee. This girl has never done porn before but she sure can deepthroat, she takes Pauly’s 10 inch dick right to the hilt and lets it sit there like it is nothing. Her hot mouth makes the perfect fuck toy to be used and abused as they see fit.

Flipped upside down she is laid out on the couch and really skull fucked deep and hard. Just look at the way the big cock penetrates her mouth and throat going all the way to the balls. Awesome throatjob scene for sure, her face is then soaked in plenty of creamy jizz. Check out Facial Abuse for more or see the picture gallery here.

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This is 20 year old amateur slut Holly North, she is starring in her first ever porno. She admits beforehand that’s she is very submissive and she likes being strangled! Well she certainly came to the right place because Pauly was wasting no time in abusing this bitch’s throat. He shoves his erect penis into her mouth and right down her gullet.

She is so subservient, she loves being controlled and that big dick is sliding in balls deep with no problems. She is perfect for a brutal throatjob, her face fucked like a sloppy wet pussy. She barfs a little bit when getting penetrated on her front; all in all she does well. Great cum facial wrap things up for this latest scene from Facial Abuse.

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Hot blonde porn star Sarah Vandella is always hungry for a huge cock. She swallows this one right down to the hilt, her hot mouth wraps around the dick as it slides into the back of her throat. Her makeup is a real mess as tears drip from her eyes. She is a real deepthroat queen, I love it!

On her back she really gets her skull fucked, the dick just slams her sloppy wet mouth over and over again. She stares right into the camera, what a complete slut she is, she loves her tight throat being dominated. Her saliva soaked face is coated in plenty of hot creamy jizz. You can check out more hot pornstar throatjobs at

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Dirty little teen whore Misty Lee is shooting porn to pay her bills. She admits that she is a worthless slut that her throat is only here to be used and abused by men. Her eyes are bloodshot, drool pouring from her mouth; she looks into the camera and talks dirty. Then it’s back on the cock and she takes it right down to the hilt.

This 19 year old is dynamite, she really loves being submissive, she loves getting her throat fucked. On her back she gets pounded out deep and hard, her mouth used liked a sloppy wet pussy. This is awesome teen face fucking. Her cunt is then slammed hard before she takes a big load on her face. Check out for the full update!

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This is 18 year old porn star Marina Angel and she admits she loves to give blowjobs especially nasty ones. She gets on her knees naked and the guy starts to fuck her face with his big hard dick going deeper and deeper with every single stroke. Her eyes are starting to tear as her throat is penetrated and her tonsils bashed hard.

She is then put in the throat swab position and the guy bangs out her tight gullet like a pussy. There is plenty of drool as she takes that massive shaft. Her mouth is then filled with hot cum to finish things off. Check out for the latest in pornstar deepthroat blowjobs, all your favourite adult stars are there!

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Its classic video time, here is an update from last year that I never posted up and it’s a good one. Meet Danielle Sky a petite Latina whore ready to get choked out by Bootleg. This girl is obviously used to being throat fucked, because she had zero gag reflex! Look at the way she goes right down to the hilt on that 9 inch dick.

As usual she was skull fucked on her back, the cock going very deep inside all the way to the balls. What a great video, Danielle is a real deepthroat queen! Her pussy is then penetrated before her pretty face is soaked in plenty of jizz. Check out LatinaAbuse for more ruthless Latina oral sex!

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If you like rough oral sex then you are absolutely going to love this new update. Meet Avona Dominica a blonde 29 year old slut looking to pay her bills by doing porn. She was up against it today with Bootleg and Pauly Harker. She was treated like shit straight away, slapped around, spat on and then brutally skull fucked right down to the balls.

You have to give this whore credit because she can really take those big dicks. Just look at her taking them right down to the hilt. She is also put into a deepthroat headlock by Bootleg, some really brutal stuff. She even had his foot forcing her head to deepthroat even deeper! Check out now, this is an instant classic.